Self-confidence can be defined as having confidence in his/her own ability to make a choice, make a decision, act and react, or adapt to changes and situations that confront us. Self-confidence is also knowing that you deserve to be happy knowing who you are, who you are and what you are capable of doing.


"Confidence" is a series designed to try to help and motivate people who lack self-confidence. They often tend to develop a feeling of inferiority, to judge themselves as negative and to think that their actions are doomed to failure. They think they can’t do things and get discouraged very quickly. The expression of lack of self-confidence varies from person to person. When some people prefer to isolate themselves and close themselves, others are vain and arrogant to try to hide this lack of self-confidence.


Self-confidence can be built and maintained by concrete actions. Its quest represents a long process. It requires patience, courage and perseverance. Don’t go with a big leap, make the way step by step. Make peace with yourself. Realize that you have only one life and that it is precious, that you only have one personality and it is important. Make peace with yourself to overcome this fear of daring, this fear of being judged, this fear of doing things. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you, who will push you to the top and not let you stagnate or bury yourself. We must stop exacerbating its defects and forget its qualities. Learn to know your own self, accept oneself and to develop oneself little by little. Don’t be discouraged whatever your age or ambitions.


Build yourself, love yourself.


Model : Benjamin Biayenda

MUA : Sabine Duchêne